Would My Squirrel Feeder Attract Rats

Would my Squirrel Feeder Attract Rats?

Let’s be honest – squirrels are much cuter than rats. Who can blame you for wanting to feed them? The problem with feeding wildlife, however, is that you risk attracting unwanted pests, like rats. Rats are opportunistic scavengers that will come take advantage of any feeder you set up. And, once in the yard, rats will try to get in the house. This is an issue you definitely want to avoid because rats are highly destructive, and they could make you sick with disease. If you’re interested in keeping the rats away, call Rat Exterminator Oakville.

Rats are mischievous, nocturnal creatures that can be found in any country in the world. The two most widespread species in Canada are the brown rat and the roof rat. The brown rat is the largest of the two, measuring up to 28cm in length with a tail nearly just as long. This rat’s fur is grey or brown in colour and its snout is rounded. The roof rat, on the other hand, has a smoother, darker coat and pointier snout. While the brown rat burrows underground, the roof rat prefers to nest in the tops of trees and attics.

Your squirrel feeder would unfortunately attract rats. As omnivores, rats will eat just about anything. Squirrel food would be no exception to this rule. Squirrels and rats are both rodents that enjoy many of the same things. If you want to avoid getting rats, it is best to remove any food sources you can from the yard like feeders, fallen fruit, garbage, or pet droppings. However, if you want to keep your squirrel feeder despite this risk, hang the feeder high up off the ground and clean up any food that falls to the ground on a regular basis.

There are many other things you can do to reduce your chances of getting rats, as well. In addition to removing sources of food, consider trimming any overgrown foliage there is in the yard and cutting tree branches a few feet away from the roof of the house. Pull weeds and mow the lawn on a regular basis. Move firewood away from the walls of the home and reduce clutter. Inside, store food in tightly sealed containers and put weatherstripping to the bottom of the garage door. Check your walls, foundation, and roof for potential entry points and seal them shut.

Rat infestations are best avoided because they can cost you thousands of dollars in damages. These pests will not hesitate to make your home theirs, ruining the insulation between your walls and defecating inside. If you’re currently dealing with a rat problem, you should remove your squirrel feeder now and get the help of a pest removal company. Professionals can get rid of rats indoors and outdoors. Pest Control Oakville even offers guaranteed pest-proofing to keep the animals out of the house. Call Pest Control Oakville today for all your pest removal needs: 647-560-0354.