Why Hiring a Rat Control Technician is Cheaper Than You Think

Why Hiring a Rat Control Technician is Cheaper than you Think

Rats are a nightmare to deal with. They carry diseases, they’re destructive, and they multiply rapidly! Rats are stubborn creatures that seemingly refuse to go away and the cost of hiring a professional to remove them can be stressful. You may be wondering if hiring a rat control technician is worth it and if you can get rid of the pests yourself. Simply put, you should absolutely hire a rat control technician. Technicians will solve your problem much faster than you can and they may save you money in the long run. For safe and effective rat removal, call Rat Exterminator Oakville.

Rats are nocturnal, omnivorous rodents that burrow underground. These pests feed on whatever they can find, like fruits, vegetables, meat, garbage, carrion, and man-made foods. Rats have very keen senses of smell, so they can smell food from very far away. They are drawn to our homes by the smell of the foods we keep and the warmth that emanates from our walls. As burrowers, rats commonly get inside by crawling through cracks in the foundation or old pipes underground. Signs of an infestation include greasy smudge marks on the baseboards of the home, pellet-shaped droppings, gnaw marks, and scratching sounds coming from the walls at night.

Despite its initial cost, hiring a rat control technician can save you money in the long run. This is because the technician is guaranteed to get the job done right. He or she will be able to identify the severity of the issue and devise a plan that works best for your situation. Also, the products the technician will use will be more effective than the ones you can buy in stores. This will save you the money, time, and effort put into using ineffective products and homemade remedies. The technician can also provide you with a preventative treatment that will save you the trouble of another infestation in the future.

What you can do to help involves making the home less attractive to rats in the first place. Remove sources of food from the yard and keep your food in sealed containers. Pull weeds and mow the lawn on a regular basis. Move firewood away from the sides of the house and trim tree branches at least 4 feet away from the roof. Put bird feeders away and consider covering your vegetable garden with row covers. If you have fruit trees, be sure to pick up any fruit that have fallen to the ground. Remove clutter around the yard and inside the garage.

Hiring a rat control technician is a worthy investment. It is likely that you will only need to pay for the service once and not see any more rats for years to come. Trying to solve the problem yourself may not work the first time around and you will waste your money in the long run. If there are rats outside, a pest control technician can always keep the population under control, as well. We offer long-term treatment programs to keep the rats out of sight and out of mind. Call Exterminator Oakville today and we’ll get started.