What Should I Do for a Bed Bug infestation

What Should I Do for a Bed Bug Infestation?

The first matter that should be realized if you ever find yourself in this nightmare of a situation is to realize that the infestation has no bearing on you as an individual, your way of life, or your character. Deficiencies in cleanliness, organization or economic status have absolutely nothing to do with attracting bed bugs. These bugs achieve their goals by hitchhiking and finding their way in. They do not gravitate towards filth or certain types of dwellings. The bugs only want human blood and a safe way to access it and reproduce. Human blood is required for the insect’s survival as well as the fertilization process. They do not care where they are, as long as it is safe and provides easy access to a human host with plenty of hiding spaces. Pest control professionals in Oakville represent the only sure way to eliminate bed bug infestations. Many of the most popular non-pyrethroid insecticides for commercial use in combating bed bugs are not available for private use in Canada, meaning an exterminator with bed bug experience is the best tool available for an infestation.

With that being said, there are a number of things that you can do to help prevent the spread of the infestation and to properly prep for an exterminator. First, you have to understand how this species of pest operates. Bed bugs will typically gravitate towards a bed once they are unknowingly deposited into a home. The bugs want to infest a piece of furniture that sees you spending many hours on the furniture. Since humans typically sleep between 7-9 hours per night, and because bed bugs are primarily nocturnal, the bed is the most desirable space for a harborage area. Couches and computer chairs are also secondary backup locations. Regularly check underneath your bedding for bugs. Check along the seams of the mattress and underneath the mattress. Get a flashlight and check underneath a box spring (you may need to pull the mesh cloth back for this if the box spring has one).

If you discover active bugs or even molted shells, immediately call an exterminator for an inspection. After this, you may want to strip the bed and launder the bedding on the highest heat setting possible to kill bugs and eggs. If your pest control professional will be delayed, ask them if buying a temporary mattress and box spring encasements are okay to ensure that you can at least try and sleep. Never sleep in another room or on the couch, this will simply spread the bugs to other regions of the house they may not be in.

If you have a bed bug infestation, try and remain as calm as possible. Many people have suffered from this and almost all of them achieved elimination at some point. It requires hard work and a pest control professional to get rid of bed bugs. Once eliminated, inspect clothing and all items before coming back into your home.