Wasps on your deck? Tips on what to do

Wasps on your deck? Tips on what to do

Wasps are very frustrating infestations to have. When it comes to decks the danger often lies in paper and bald-faced wasps. But there is a worse situation. The yellowjacket makes nests in the ground and if they decide to make use of the deck as a cover for their nest then you could be in trouble. The thumping of the deck when it is walked across is sure to anger the wasps and when your children play on the deck they could risk being swarmed. So if you have a wasp issue on your deck you should make sure to deal with it as quickly as possible. 

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Yellowjackets build nests in the ground and old abandoned rodent holes, rats generally, at full maturity a nest will be about the size of a football but if they gain access to a place with heat in the winter then they can continue to build the nest indefinitely and create what is called a super nest which is very hard to destroy. The queen of the nest is the only one who lays eggs, until the winter she lays sterile female workers but come the late fall she produces females and males that will mate. The new queens will be pregnant and will find a place to hibernate for the winter, the rest of the wasps will die off as the first frost comes. 

You could also have a paper wasp on your deck. These wasp nests are often easy to find and identify and will likely be under the deck or on an overhang. These wasps are solitary and not extremely aggressive. They will not attack without provocation, unlike the yellowjackets and they are not likely to multiply very much. A mature nest tends to have no more than five adult paper wasps and the bald-faced wasp is the same. 

If you have either of these nests on your property there are several options. You can try insecticide to kill the nest or you can set out traps made of old fruit and apple cider vinegar in clear jugs with a small hole. These will catch the wasps and kill them. If you think the issue is serious you can call a professional but with paper wasps, you can also just relocate the nest at night. If you need a professional technician you can call Wasp Control. Our technicians are fully trained and capable of killing, removing, and destroying any type of nest, no matter the size or location.