Uncommon Signs of a Mouse Presence that is not Talked About Often

Uncommon Signs of a Mouse Presence that is not Talked About Often

Mice are troublesome pests that may go unnoticed for a long time. These are quiet animals that can fit through the tiniest of gaps and nest in the walls for months before we catch on. The trouble with mice however is that they carry disease and will damage our homes more and more the longer they stay. It’s a good idea to pay attention to the signs of an infestation and to take action as soon as they appear. Call Mice Control Oakville today if you suspect an infestation on your property.

Mice are little rodents that measure about 10cm in length and have tails just as long. As omnivores, they enjoy feeding on all kinds of things, especially foods like peanut butter and chocolate. Mice are nocturnal creatures, so they are most active at night. They are also prey to many animals, so they like to hide as much as possible. Overgrown yards and cluttered homes are the ideal habitats for mice. Once inside the home, mice like to nest in quiet, enclosed areas like wall voids and false ceilings. It is in these nests that they will produce as many as 10 litters of pups per year.

Some well-known signs of a mouse infestation include droppings, smear marks, and scratching sounds. Mouse droppings are about half a centimetre long and resemble black grains of rice. You may be able to find them in areas of high mouse activity. Because mice are naturally oily, you may also find smear marks along the baseboards of the home. Mice like to follow the same paths over and over again, leaving tracks behind them. At night, you may hear squealing and scratching sounds coming from infested walls. It is also common to come across the mice themselves. Mice are sometimes spotted running from one room to another or caught disappearing into a hiding spot.

Mice infestations are incredibly common, but their smell is seldom spoken about. Mice create a musky smell that is reminiscent of stale urine. If a homeowner has had mice for a long time, they may have gone a little “nose blind” and forgotten about it. When mice perish inside the walls of the home, they produce a much more powerful smell that resembles rotting cabbage. Another sign that isn’t commonly shared is how food will go missing. Finding a bag of food that has been torn open could signify an infestation. Finally, mice may cause electrical damage with their little chewing habits. An unexpected outage could be due to mice chewing in the walls of the home.

If you have witnessed any of these signs, you should call a pest removal company for help. The technicians at Exterminator Oakville are experienced in mouse removal and can identify where the pests are coming from. We perform thorough inspections to get to the bottom of any infestation and offer pest-proofing services to keep the animals out for good. Call Exterminator Oakville (647-560-0992) today for safe and effective mouse removal.