Tips to keep ants out of your house this spring

Tips to keep ants out of your house this spring

Once ants invade your home in springtime, you want to get rid of them as soon as possible. They can differ in size, but all come with the same problem, meaning they are all annoying little creatures who scour for food and leave homeowners in constant stress. On the Internet, you can find some effective tips and tricks. Below you can find some of them, but please be advised that they are a temporary solution. 

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The first solution is to use borax,  one of the most effective treatments there is. Mix the solution with some sugar and make a formulation out of it with a little bit of water then place the formulation around the house. It attracts the ants that look for food and nourishment. The borax leads to dehydration and causes the ant to perishes. It is very effective because they take the solution back to their nest leading to a chain reaction that rids the other ants as well. 

A very straightforward way when dealing with carpenter ants, in general, is as they are fond of wood, to take away logs if they happen to be on your property. 

A lot of ants that you see in homes during the daytime or scavenging for food can be attracted to pet food. It can be one of the easiest sources of food available for the ant as it contains amounts of grease and proteins they need. The best way to prevent ants from sharing your pet’s food is to keep away the food and plastic containers out of reach. 

Make sure to keep plants and mulch far away from the entrance as the plants off for a safe haven for ants to hide in during precipitation and can easily lead to enter your home. It is best advised to hire a professional pest control service as they know how to deal with and problems from experience based on numerous cases throughout the years they have dealt with. The technicians know where the ants are most likely to enter and therefore will perform a full exterior inspection and look for areas that are prone to ant infestation. After determining the entry points, the technician then will make suggestions and recommendations to seal up these points to prevent infiltration. The technician uses non-chemical formulations that are safe to use around you and your loved ones.  At the same they are environmental-friendly so you can be assured that your safety is put first.