Signs of a Carpenter Bee Infestation

Signs of a Carpenter Bee Infestation

The carpenter bee is not something anyone would want on their property. They are bees, in effect. They are pollinators and there are specific plants that only they can pollinate but that is not enough to let them destroy your house. They are a danger in the sense that the females sting and are highly aggressive and territorial but that they build their nest in wood. They don’t eat the wood, they just drill through it with their strong jaws. They build long tunnels filled with openings to lay eggs. The colony can grow very quickly and it does not take long for your home to be overrun and in danger of collapse. The result could be things like the stair railing breaking as someone tries to climb the stairs. The dangers are plentiful and the best options you have are calling a professional or dealing with it yourself. 

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Carpenter bees are a very interesting species in that they function like wasps with females doing all the work and males buzzing around doing absolutely nothing. The females build the tunnels and lay the eggs. They feed the egg bee bread that the female had to make from pollen and then she must seal up the entryway with saliva and wood shavings. The female can sting and is more than willing to attack anything that comes near their nest. The males will try to scare you but they can’t sting or harm you. 

Another sign of carpenter bee infestation is the presence of Frass. It is a mix of feces, pieces, or bee and wood shavings. It smells terrible and looks even worse.

You can identify the infestation by watching for bees hovering over your wooden deck or up below the eaves trough. They look for raw wood only, they cannot burrow through painted or varnished or treated wood. So a useful solution to a carpenter bee infestation is to paint or varnish all the wood on your property. Easy, right? Wrong. There are places that the bees can access that have plenty of raw wood, but those same places are inaccessible to you. The drip edge, the inside of walls, and weep vents in bricks. If you have an infestation in these sorts of places you will have to call a professional at Wasp Control to come and kill the nest, remove it and destroy it. With a six-month warranty, you should call now, it’s a matter of your peace of mind.