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Mice Exterminator Oakville. If contractual pests return following service and within the guarantee and warranty period we will return at no additional cost. We work hard on keeping our customers mouse free. We guarantee every service and provide extensive warranties to make sure mice are gone and our customers are happy. Call The Exterminators Inc. for Oakville mice control services.

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Mice Exterminator Oakville solutions by licensed AND INSURED exterminators.

Efficient pest control solutions for mice problems. We are insured and fully licensed exterminators serving Oakville. Our treatments are safe for the environment and are effective. Call us today to book a no-obligation inspection. Call: 647-560-0992

Problems with mice occur year round, but are more common during the colder months and when mice make their way inside to find shelter.

Mice can make their way to homes all seasons. All they want is food, water and a little entry point. If the hole is large enough to fit a pen or pencil mice can use it to enter.

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Mouse issues are somewhat more prevalent in older homes where it is more probably to have small entry points. They are mostly blind and follow a scent trail to get around. So if mice have made their way into a structure, they will make their way back in at some point if the entry points are left unsealed.

Aside from the health hazards that having mice can bring they can also cause damage. Mice can gnaw through cables, wood and other surfaces. They could spoil food and be the source of numerous contaminations.
Besides when meaning to eliminate mice issues about your home mice poison, snap traps also can be convenient. Snap mouse traps can be effective in killing mice however they are not as effective as professional chemical treatments. They also require you to remove the dead mouse when killed.

Our treatments are performed using safe bait stations that contain the mouse poison. The bait stations are placed on routes that mice usually take. Mice enter the bait station, consume the poison and then return to their nest where they die. The special chemical formulation of the poison allows for quick dehydration of the carcass so that there is no smell at all.


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To determine and find out where the mice enter and exit the property we conduct a comprehensive exterior inspection. We look for holes, cracks, crevices, vents, and structural gaps around the perimeter of the premises. We then report our findings with photographic evidence and offer recommendations. This ensures transparency and understanding throughout the process.


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After the inspection, we will discuss our next step in the extermination process. Depending on the situation and need of the treatment, we will strategically place tamper-proof bait traps and rodenticide in and around the property to yield maximum results. Tamper-proof bait traps cannot be accessed by children and pets. Keys are needed for this that only the technician can open.


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Once mice activity has stopped, our technician will then move on to the exclusion processes. which includes sealing up of entry-points. We look for holes, cracks, crevices, vents, and structural gaps and other points of entry that seem prone to intrusion.

Call us today and our licensed and trained professionals will soon be at your doorstep with a guaranteed solution.


Mice Information

The House Mouse, the Field Mouse, the American White-footed Mouse, and the Deer Mouse are some of the most common among the 30 known species. These rodents are considered a pest and a bother to human habitats. Mice are nocturnal rodents meaning that most of their activity takes place at night. Even though they have poor eyesight, their other senses make up for it since these senses are very strong. Mice are favored as pets where they keep people company but can cause health-related issues as vermin causing structural damage to your property through chewing on about everything that they come across. Mice, truly are troublesome pests.

Outdoors, they often are the target of predators, so they are safer being in a residential or commercial property shielded from all dangers. Cats, snakes, birds, and some types of dogs, foxes, and certain species of arthropods are all mice hunters. Despite the long list of predators trying to hunt mice, their intelligence and their ability to adapt make them one of the most successful mammals to roam the earth.

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Damage to Property

mouse infestation Mice Exterminator Oakville

When you are dealing with a mouse invasion you can be certain to expect property damage to come along with it adding up to thousands of dollars in repair and restoration costs alone. Mice are, what you would call, avid nibblers. They nibble and chew through almost everything their beady eyes are set on. From wiring, cabling, paper, to cardboard. They will chew about anything that comes their way. This urge of chewing things might spell disaster sooner or later. This is because mice can be considered as a walking fire hazard. Mice are often the culprit if no probable cause is found when mysterious house fires happen. Chewed-through wiring can cause a fuse and might eventually lead to a fire. 



Mice are common household issues anywhere in the world. Canada. However, the problem seems to be increasing in Canada. First, residents were shocked when they heard the news about a luxury house in Winnipeg that has been largely infested with mice. Second, another mice den was found in a playground in East Vancouver where children often come to play. News such as these raise alarm to residents in the country. Of course, mice are dangerous animals. They bring disease and other types of germs in your house. But what attracts mice? Is your house safe against mice infestation?

There are three (3) main reasons why mice love to take shelter in your house: it provides them with a suitable living condition, there are plenty of food supply, and they don’t really stay outdoors.

First, mice and humans share the same notion of what it means to live comfortably. Both are interested in shelters that provide warmth, space, and coziness. However, as much as we don’t love these mice to stay in our homes. They, on the other and, are very much happy to live us humans because we provide them with their basic needs: food, water, and shelter.

In line with the above needs, mice are very much attracted to the food supply in our homes. They don’t only go for food that are properly cooked or placed somewhere, they also go for the dirty dishes in your sink, the crumbs and forgotten chips in your living room or bedroom, and the left-over food in your garbage cans. Mice nibble their way every day, and their stomach is almost half the size of a human’s thumb. They eat 15 to 20 times a day! Because mice are huge eaters, they will chew and eat through almost anything. And what better way to fill their bellies than to scavenge for human houses for food.

Third, mice hate outdoors. With the climate in Canada, it is not ideal for mice to lurk outdoors. Besides, everything they need are readily available indoors. Any opening, be it a half an inch crevice, can be an entryway for any mouse to enter your house. They can also enter through doorways, pipes, roof vents, and chimneys. Moreover, a mouse can jump, climb, and swim, making them especially agile and adept in breaking inside your house.

Given that your house is a possible shelter for hordes of mice, what can you then do to get rid of them? Mice are dangerous animals. Home remedies such as laying a trap and feeding them poison are the most common recommendations to solve mice infestation. However, we do not recommend you to go after these animals. You can be bitten, which can lead to a health disease or possibly, death. Moreover, mice do not easily go away. That’s why for mice infestations, trust the help of professionals. They can provide long-term solutions that will fix your problems.

So, when you hear any scampering or scratching sounds in your house, immediately call for professional help. Mice are prolific breeders, they easily multiply in number. It is better to be wary than suffer the consequences.

The most effective treatment is professional treatment. Our mouse control specialists know how to perform extermination effectively and safely. Call us if you have a mouse problem that needs professional attention. Call to book an inspection: 647-560-0992

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Why Hire a Professional Mice Exterminator Oakville Company?

Mice can be one of the most persistent pests that roam the Oakville area. They will do everything in their power to avoid any human detection. So much so that generations of mice have been dying and being brought in the world without you knowing. Our licensed technicians have specialized and profound knowledge of the behavioral habits and breeding patterns of mice that are needed to locate and treat the mouse presence at large. Our team of seasoned professionals is dedicated to declaring your house mouse-free. Each individual on our extraordinary team has years of experience under his or her belt of putting infestations to a definitive end. In addition, our team has the most advanced tools and formulations at their disposal to effectively fight an infestation regardless of the extent and severity. At Pest Control Oakville, our technicians feel that they have a communal responsibility to provide our neighbors with the best service possible. This is why we take environmental impact very seriously. For this reason, Exterminator Oakville strictly deploys environmental-friendly formulations that leave no environmental footprint. With that said we equally prioritize the safety and security of our technicians and customers alike by following industry guidelines and regulations set by the provincial government. You can be assured that our technicians always work with safety in mind.  


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