Removing Squirrels from Soffit

Removing Squirrels from Soffit

Are there squirrels in your roof? Female squirrels like to nest in attics so they can raise their babies in a safe place. Invasions are common throughout the spring and summer. They might also happen in the fall, when squirrels need to sleep somewhere warm at night. Give us a call if you suspect that a squirrel is nesting on your property. Squirrels are wild animals that carry disease. They risk making you sick, and they will cause a lot of damage to your home’s interior. At Exterminator Oakville, we offer humane squirrel removal and exclusion services that keep wildlife out of the home.

Squirrels often use soffits to reach the attic. They climb up the walls, then use downspouts or other parts of the roof for leverage. From there, they can chew right through the soffit or take advantage of a hole that another animal created. In some cases, there may be a gap between the soffits and the exterior wall. Squirrels wriggle their way through, then build nests in the attic. In most cases, there is only one opening to the nest. Females will stay there for a few weeks, raising their young. However, if the animal is using the nest for the winter, it may live there for several months straight.

You can remove a squirrel from a soffit with a one-way door. A local wildlife removal company can do this for you. They will perform an inspection to find exactly where the squirrel is getting in, then attach a one-way door to it directly. The one-way door looks like a trap, but it is open at one end. So, when the squirrel wants to go out, it pushes the door open, then crawls its way out. Once the door shuts, the squirrel cannot get back inside. A few weeks after the door has been installed, the removal company will return and replace the door with a squirrel-proof material.

How to Squirrel-Proof the Home

You can help avoid a future squirrel problem by making your home less attractive and less accessible to squirrels. Trim branches away from the roof of the house and trim vines. Manicure the yard and rake the leaves in the fall, so there are fewer nesting materials available. Pick up fallen fruit and acorns. You may also want to cover your vegetable garden with row covers or invest in raised beds that have mesh lids. Finish the job by maintaining the roof and covering vents with a quarter inch steel mesh.

Though it costs a little money, hiring a professional is the best and most humane way to get rid of squirrels. Attempting to get rid of the animals yourself may result in injury to the animal or yourself. A simple scratch or bite can make you sick with a terrible illness, like tularemia. Trapping is virtually illegal, and it risks separating a mother from her kits. Call the pros instead. The technicians at Exterminator Oakville are licensed and experienced in removing squirrels without anyone getting hurt. We guarantee our squirrel removal and exclusion services.