Other Risky Mouse Species Besides the House Mouse

Other Risky Mouse Species Besides the House Mouse

The house mouse is one of the most common pests in the world. This animal thrives alongside human habitats, eating our food and living in our homes. So much so that there may be more house mice living near humans than there are in the wild. The house mouse gets a lot of attention, but there are, in fact, hundreds of species of mice out there. If you suspect some mouse activity, don’t hesitate to reach out to Mice Control Oakville for help.

Mice are small rodents with characteristically rounded ears, pointed snouts, and long tails. These are nocturnal, omnivorous mammals that feed mostly on fruits, vegetables, seeds, and insects. Mice breed very rapidly and are famous for invading human homes in search of food, shelter, and warmth. The house mouse is probably the most widely known species in the world, having originated in Asia and spreading to the Americas by colonial ship. There are, however, a dozen more species in Canada:

·         Western Harvest mouse

·         Cascade Deer mouse

·         Deer mouse

·         Sitka mouse

·         White-footed mouse

·         Grasshopper mouse

·         Pacific mouse

·         Western mouse

·         Meadow mouse

·         Woodland jumping mouse

·         Olive-backed pocket mouse

·         Great Basin pocket mouse

In Ontario, the species that are most likely to invade your home are the house mouse, deer mouse, and white-footed mouse. The deer mouse and white-footed mouse look very similar as they both have brown or grey backs, white bellies, and white feet. The most obvious difference is their tail color. While the deer mouse has a distinctly bi-colored tail, the white-footed mouse’s tail is blurred. You may have also heard of the field mouse, but this animal is actually a vole. Voles are less likely to enter homes, but they are known to nest in sheds during the winter. Nevertheless, you should protect your property against any small rodents.

Mice are attracted to the warmth of our homes and the foods we keep inside. To get in, they often crawl under garage doors or squeeze through cracks on the exterior walls of the home. Look for gaps between vinyl siding, cracks in the foundation, or holes surrounding utility lines, and seal them shut. You should also consider capping wall vents with steel mesh and installing a weatherstrip to the bottom of the garage door. Keep plants and firewood away from the walls of the home and pick up any fruit that falls to the ground. Use garbage cans with tightly fitted lids.

If there are mice in your home, professional pest removers can get rid of them – no matter the species. The technicians at Pest Control Oakville will check every nook and cranny of your house to find where the pests are coming from and devise a plan that will eliminate them quickly. We use high-quality baits that are safe to use inside and out of the home. We also offer guaranteed pest-proofing in which we’ll seal and block off all potential entry points. Call Pest Control Oakville today and we’ll get started: 647-560-0992.