how to remove hornets nest

How to remove hornet’s nest

Hornets are a seriously dangerous insect infestation. They are often far more aggressive and their sting is far more painful than most wasps and their nests are often enormous and rapid in their growth. The hornet is a wasp but has evolved slightly away from the wasp branch. They have a lifecycle that is almost identical to the wasp but are more aggressive, bigger by far and their sting can kill. 

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The hornet’s nest is often made in a tree or below a roof overhand. They can also make them on surfaces like a wall or inside the walls of a house or even behind the aluminum siding. They will build a large nest and produce many hornet workers rapidly. The nest may grow beyond your ability to kill so make sure to perform regular inspection of your property every spring and take out any small or medium nests you may find. 

Killing a hornet’s nest is not as hard as a lot of people think. They are easy to kill, ironic knowing how threatening they are. One of the most effective ways to kill them is to use hornet freeze. It is a can of liquid foam that rapidly expands when it comes in contact with air. If aimed right you can seal up the entrance to the nest with one squirt and you can do it from a distance if your aim is really good. This will trap them inside and allow you to wait for a month or so for them to die. This is a very safe method, again, if your aim is very good. 

If this seems too hard then you can take the insecticide route. You will need protection, a sturdy beekeeper’s suit would do well. Take two large cans and spray them into the opening, do this at night when they are sleeping, and don’t stop till both cans are empty. Then leave the nest for some time, a week or so and remove and destroy it with an ax and more insecticide to kill anything that didn’t die. 

You can also use hornet and wasp traps made from clear plastic juice containers filled with rotting fruit and apple cider vinegar, this is not effective for a large hornet or wasp infestation, however. 

If you are very worried or the nest is very big you should call the professionals at Wasp Control. We can kill the nest, remove it, and destroy it within one hour and we can access any size nest no matter the location. If you need wasp or hornet extermination there is no one better.