how to remove a wasp nest around a window frame

How to remove a wasp nest around a window frame?

Wasps come in all different shapes and sizes, and while they all can sting not all of them want to. Yellowjacket wasps are an aggressive threat to property and should be exterminated but other wasps, like the paper wasp and the mud dauber are not aggressive and generally will leave you alone if you do the same. 

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The most common type of wasp to get around the window frame would be the paper wasp. They will build an intricate nest out of chewed wood with saliva. The pulp gets sticky and can be applied to create what seems like a nest made of grey or brown paper like the kind made in old paper mills, complete with a rustic edge. Many people are amazed by the construction of the paper wasp and their umbrella-like wasp nests. They are open with no protection from the elements which is why they are constantly trying to get into places that are warm or that have protection from the elements. 

The paper wasp is not like other wasps, like the mud dauber there are generally no queens and each wasp lives a solitary life raising its young who will then grow into adult paper wasps and continue the life cycle. The wasps that are born then leave to find a place to hibernate while the parent wasp that laid the eggs dies from the first frost. When the new wasps awaken in the spring they will start their nests and so forth. 

These wasps are not native to America. They came here on ships hundreds of years ago and have since become a welcome part of our ecosystem. Being pollinators and killers of annoying pests the paper wasp is not a danger to anyone and can help your garden look amazing. So when you see wasps around your window don’t worry too much, they will be gone by the winter and they won’t bother you if you don’t bother them.

Now, if you have children on your property then you cannot have any wasps or dangerous insects. For that reason, you should either remove it yourself which is quite easy, or call a professional who can remove it and leave a residual treatment that will stop other nests from forming there. If you want to remove a paper wasp nest yourself you can use a glass jar that can fit over the nest and a cutting board. Slide the jar over the nest, make sure this is at night when they are sleeping and sever the connection to the structure with the cutting board. Then you can easily relocate them without having to kill them.