How to Get rid of Squirrels in Roof

How to Get rid of Squirrels in Roof?

Squirrels are rodents and just like rodents they can damage things pretty badly. When they enter the roof or the attic area they will tear everything up and damage your insulation material to an irreparable state. Squirrels like any other rodent will chew on electrical wiring and cabling to keep their teeth in check. This of course can pose many problems such as causing fuses and even can develop into higher risks such as house fires.

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When squirrels enter the roof or attic, they need to relieve themselves somehow and the way they do that is right in the attic without any fear of repercussions because nobody knows that they are there. Feces and urine are scattered everywhere creating a true cesspit of a space. It is too toxic for the average person to enter, and therefore professional intervention is needed. So how do you get rid of squirrels in roofs?

There are many ways to go about this:

If you are choosing the DIY approach, finding the entry points and exit points is a great start. The way you can verify it is by looking for a random hole near the rooftop or on the overhang of the roof. There are various brands of mothballs available on the market, and the way to go about these is to place this inside of the entrance point. Mothballs are harmful though and can be used as a temporary solution. The entry points need to be immediately sealed which can be spread out over the roof area. Recognizing and detecting entry points is thus of very great importance.

Squirrels are usually active the entire day and rest at night before becoming active again in the very early hours of the morning.

Another way is to install one-way doors and cages to temporarily get them out of the building and release them later. The disadvantage of this is that it takes skill, dedication, and time to get this right. Working at heights can also be a danger, so extra caution is required when choosing DIY methods at all times.

The best and last option is to of course hire a pest control technician from Exterminator Oakville. The professionals from Exterminator Oakville have been in the business for more than a decade. All of our technicians are trained, certified, licensed, and insured professionals who can handle any type of infestation. We use safe and ethical methods to make sure that all the squirrels are taken care of and are never hurt in the squirrel removal process. Squirrels are very destructive rodents that can damage a house in several ways and can damage personal property if nothing is done. To ask for more information, contact our customer representatives!