How to Get Rid of Squirrels in Chimney

How to Get Rid of Squirrels in Chimney

What is a chimney to a squirrel, if not a big hollow tree? Squirrels love the warmth and security that chimneys bring. Females will sometimes use them to build nests and raise their young. Others may nest inside them for the winter. The problem with allowing these animals to nest in the chimney is that it causes damage. The accumulation of feces may also be a serious problem. Opening the damper may cause a nest to fall into the fireplace and starting a fire would be a health hazard. Contact us today for humane and affordable squirrel removal in Oakville.

Tree squirrels are very common throughout the Greater Toronto Area. Since they live in the trees, they can avoid humans and stay out of harm’s way. Squirrels are very agile, with sharp claws and swiveling ankle joints that make them excellent climbers. As omnivores, they can feed on practically anything they find in the neighbourhood, like acorns, bird seed, insects, vegetables, and tree bark. Squirrels are generally harmless creatures, but they can be a problem when they decide to nest indoors. Some squirrels will nest in soffits, attics, and chimneys, where they may cause extensive damage.

Squirrels in the chimney can be removed with a one-way door. Much like an open-ended trap, the one-way door consists of a mesh tube with a flap inside of it. The flap swings outward, which lets squirrels out safely on their own. Once through the door, however, they cannot lift the door back up and get back into their nests. Professionals install these doors to the entrances of squirrel nests, like the tops of chimneys of on the holes they’ve made in the soffits. Though you could fashion a door yourself, professionals have the safety equipment necessary to install these doors safely.

How to Keep Squirrels Out of the Chimney

Once the squirrels have been removed with a one-way door, you can help to keep them out by having the top of the chimney covered in mesh. Many professionals offer this service in addition to squirrel removal. The technician you hire will likely replace the door with mesh a few weeks after the door was installed. For better protection, you can have the technician cover other potential entry points as well. These include roof vents, gaps in the drip line, and soffit intersections. What you can do to help is remove the bird feeder and protect your vegetable garden with mesh.

Squirrels are rambunctious little rodents that can cause a whole lot of trouble. If there are squirrels in your chimney, call a technician right away. He or she will remove the rodents carefully with the use of a one-way door. Once out, the technician will replace the door with a squirrel-proof material that is safe for chimneys. No squirrels will be harmed in the process. Call Exterminator Oakville for humane squirrel removal. Our technicians are thoroughly trained and experienced in getting rid of squirrels. No matter the problem, we can handle it. Call us today.