How to Fix a Squirrel Hole in Roof

How to Fix a Squirrel Hole in Roof

Squirrels can be very destructive once they find a way to get into your attic is by finding entry points or making entry points themselves by prying or ripping flashing or soffits. Once squirrels are inside, they can do all kinds of damage that can make restoration and repair costs damage by the day. Squirrel damage is thus a very costly expense to bear.

Not only do squirrels incur financial damage, but they also incur damage to your health. You see when squirrels enter the attic, they don’t only destroy property, but also leave and spread around feces and urine. This turns the attic into a toxic space where it teems with viruses and bacteria that can easily make someone sick. To prevent that from happening, the best option is always to hire a professional pest control company like Exterminator Oakville.

So how do you fix a squirrel hole in the roof exactly and what are the steps to take? Below, you will find the steps as well as a brief description of each step. Note that this includes working at heights, so the proper equipment, safety protocols, and experience is needed to undertake each step as safely as possible.

  • The first and foremost step to undertake is of course an inspection of the roof. For this, you will need a ladder that is firmly grounded as well as safety equipment to prevent personal injury. Entry points can come in all shapes and sizes because squirrels need very little space to pass through an entry point. This is why expert knowledge on squirrels can be a handy thing. Entry points must be detected and located to ensure a proper seal.
  • This might be very risky depending on what time of the year it is. Squirrels can be very aggressive when they have young. They give birth twice a year in early spring and late summer. So be careful and cautious when you enter the space. Professional intervention is strongly advised and is very affordable contrary to popular belief.
  • Once squirrels are out, you cant start with sealing the entry points with squirrel-resistant materials such as applying flashing to the entry points, eventually. Professionals use a material known as galvanized steel mesh. Material resistant to many attacks.
  • To make sure that squirrels will stay away, you can make sure to cut branches and to keep vegetation away from roofs.

Fixing a squirrel roof can be a very difficult job to do, and thus having the help of pros can be really valuable and a very wise investment. Exterminator Oakville has been in the pest control for decades and is proud to serve the communities they are a part of. All of our technicians are trained, certified, and licensed to take on any type of infestation. Contact the professionals from Exterminator Oakville.