How do Sewer Rats Get in Your House

How do Sewer Rats Get in Your House?

Sewer rats are common all over the world. Also known as ship rats, Norway rats, or brown rats, these pests are incredibly adaptive. They’re agile, omnivorous, and quick to reproduce. It comes as no surprise that rats can travel through sewers. Sewers are like burrows that have been built for them. They connect one area to the next and they’re full of food. Rest assured, however, that it is very rare for rats to come into the house via the sewer system. They usually get inside by digging through the foundation or using vents. Call us today for rat removal and exclusion.

Rats are burrowers. They create tunnels underground, so they can sleep away from predators. These tunnels usually have openings near food sources, like a compost box, vegetable garden, or bird feeder, so that rats can find food very easily. Sewers are often infested with rats because they provide rats with a safe place to live and a means to travel. They might also contain food scraps that have been flushed down the toilet. Rats have no trouble getting around them, either. Rats are excellent swimmers that can hold their breath for up to 3 minutes at a time.

In some rare cases, rats will swim from the sewers into toilets. However, this only occurs where there is a combined sewage system in which homes are directly connected to the storm drains. Rats may also find old pipes that are not longer used but that still connect to the home. They come across these pipes as they dig underground, then follow the pipes into the house. Modern sewer systems avoid these problems and pipes are blocked with grates. If you ever do come across a rat in the bathroom, contact an exterminator right away. Then, get in touch with a plumber.

Rats usually enter homes through the walls and the basement. As their burrows inch closer to the home, they find weaknesses in the foundation, then dig their way through. They also make use of plastic wall vents, chewing through them then infesting the walls. Rats make nests and tunnels within the insulation and go in and out of the house in search of food. They love to infest homes for their warmth and security. Contact an exterminator as soon as you suspect that there are rats living in your home. They will cause a ton of damage.

Sewer rats are dirty, destructive pests. Having them in or near your home puts you at risk of getting sick. Once indoors, they will cost you thousands of dollars in repairs, such as insulation replacements, wall repair, and disinfection. Contact us for an inspection and permanent solution to your rat problem. Our technicians are thoroughly trained and experienced in keeping rats at bay. We offer safe, high quality removal programs and guaranteed exclusion services that keep rats out for good. Each and every one of our services is guaranteed for up to 2 years. Call us if you have any questions.