How cockroaches can impact air quality in your home

How cockroaches can impact air quality in your home

Cockroaches are a nightmare. They can cause extensive damage to your home and are a serious health risk to your family. And in this time of Covid-19, we have to be extraordinarily aware of the quality of our air. Damaged lungs from inhaling dangerous particles can increase your risk factor dramatically.

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Cockroaches produce allergens and substances that can aggravate a case of asthma and make it very serious. Their feces and pieces of their body can become attached to dust and become air born and breathable. This causes serious harm not only to asthmatics but to people with normal breathing as well. 

These motes of allergen dust are heavy and tend to float to the ground very quickly. Things like sweeping and vacuuming can cause them to lift into the air and be breathed in but the more common circumstances is for the dust to collect on bedding and be breathed in at night. 

If you want to stop cockroach allergens you first need to get rid of the roaches, but after that, you will need to carefully sterilize your home with heavy-duty cleaning products and carefully clean all the fabric in the house to prevent the allergins from remaining in the home. As they are likely to. In fact, these allergens can remain in the home for years after an infestation and continue causing health problems the entire time they are present. 

You can also reduce the humidity in the house to reduce the chances of roaches returning, placing a dehumidifier in the basement and attic can be very effective in preventing new infestations. Carpeting is also not helpful for people with asthma or allergies as they collect allergens and release them as people walk on it.