Does lysol spray kill roaches

Does lysol spray kill roaches

Roaches are a voracious species, it is said they would survive a nuclear winter and possibly even the radiation from a nearby explosion. Roaches are so virial and potent that they can even survive on almost anything, from cardboard to human food to dead animal flesh. They seek out water and shelter in places where those things are present in your home, like leaky pipes and faucets, especially in dark places that are not frequented. 

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Lysol spray is intended to kill bacteria. It is not designed to be an insecticide. However, cockroaches like all insects with a carapace, breath through that carapace. Their bodies are filled with an intricate network of tubes that bring oxygen in from around their whole body and into its deeper organs. So if you spray a sticky solution on an insect, it will dry and the insects ‘lugs’ will be stuck shut and the insect will eventually suffocate. This may even occur while the liquid is still wet. This does not need to be lysol it can simply bee a sticky material mixed with water and sprayed from a spray bottle. But this is not the way to get rid of roaches and can be very counterproductive as you waste time trying to spray one roach while thousands breed in your walls. 

The best response to a roach infestation, aside from calling professionals, is to clean your house, remove all cardboard, clean the kitchen thoroughly and store all food outside the fridge in seal plastic containers. No more cereal boxes for you. You should also find any leaky pipes and seal them and block off your drains with a very fine mesh, if you go small enough you may be able to prevent the babies from coming through. 

Proper cleaning and maintenance of a home are generally enough to prevent roach infestation as long as the home is kept clean of all food and water sources and cardboard and paper are stored in sealed plastic containers.