Does Living Near the Water Have an Effect on Mouse Presence

Does Living Near the Water Have an Effect on Mouse Presence?

Living near the water usually means living closer to nature and all the animals that go with it. Rivers and lakes attract lots of animals because they provide them with the water they need to survive. If you live near the water, you have every right to feel concerned about mice and other pests, but it is not the only thing that will attract mice to your home. For professional removal and pest-proofing services, call Mice Control Oakville.

Mice are nocturnal mammals with large, round ears and pointed snouts. They have little, oval-shaped bodies, beady black eyes, and long, hairless tails. Mice usually grow up to 20cm long, tails included, and weigh only about 18 grams. As rodents, they have teeth that never stop growing. Mice are omnivores that feed primarily on things like fruits, vegetables, seeds, and insects, but they are known to enjoy man-made foods like peanut butter and chocolate. Mice reach sexual maturity at around 4 to 7 weeks of age and live for about 2 years. The average female can produce as many as 10 litters of pups per year.

Living near a body of water may have some impact on the number of mice in the area, but mice can survive in dry habitats as well, getting much of the water they need from the foods they eat. You should be on the lookout for mice no matter where you live. Mice are attracted to areas where there are many places to hide and lots of food to eat. Things like overgrown foliage, weeds, piles of wood, and scrap machinery will attract mice to your yard. Fruit trees, vegetable gardens, bird feeders, and grass seeds will also draw them in and keep them fed.

If there are mice outside, there is always the risk that they will come inside. This is because mice love to nest where it is warm, especially in the winter. Keep the mice away by making the yard less attractive and mouse-proofing the structure of your home. Mow the lawn regularly and remove as much clutter as you can around the yard and in the garage. Pick up fruit as soon as they fall to the ground and try protecting your vegetables with row covers. Then, check the outer walls of the home for any gaps or openings the animals could use to get inside and seal them shut. Put some weatherstripping on the bottom of the garage door.

If you have been witnessing some mouse activity on the inside of your home, it is always a good idea to get the help of a pest removal company. Professionals use rodenticides that are much more effective than those you can buy in stores and they have the experience to find the source of the problem. Exterminator Oakville’s experts perform thorough inspections to find every potential entry point into the home and every weak spot that could cause you trouble in the future. We offer pest-proofing services in addition to removal to keep the animals out for good. Call Exterminator Oakville today: 647-560-0992.