Do Wasps Die When they Sting

Do Wasps Die When They Sting?

Wasps are some of the most irritating bugs out there. They love to come disturb your meal out on the patio and get into your sugary drinks. They might even be attracted to your sunscreen while you lay out by the pool. What makes wasps especially irritating is the fact that they can sting you. A single sting can be quite painful, and some people are allergic to them. Contact a local exterminator if there is a wasp nest on your property. A professional can reach the nest safely and get rid of it quickly. Contact us for effective wasp control in Oakville.

Wasps do not sting when they die. They can sting multiple times with no penalty whatsoever. This is what makes wasps especially frustrating. They are much more aggressive than bees and other bugs that mind their own business. Wasps are predators that feed off other insects, so they can always attack. They sting beetles, spiders, caterpillars, aphids, and other bugs, then bring them to their young to eat. Spider wasps, in particular, have a venomous sting that paralyses their victims so their young can eat them while they are still alive. Adult wasps prefer to eat sugary foods, like nectar.

How to Get Rid of Wasps

If you cannot find a nest, but there are a few wasps that fly around your property, you may be dealing with solitary wasps. Thankfully, you can get rid of these by making a simple trap. Cut an empty 2L bottle in half, the fill the bottom with some fruit juice or soda pop. Then, invert the top half of the bottle and insert it into the bottom. Wasps will come flying into the juice and get stuck. Place the trap wherever the wasps are active and wait a few hours for it to catch wasps. This kind of trap will help distract the pests, too, if you’re having a meal outside.

If there is a nest, you can get rid of it with a wasp spray. Find an insecticide that is specifically designed for wasp nests, then wait until nightfall. Put on long sleeves, pants, and a pair of gloves, then spray the nest thoroughly, coating it with the insecticide. Repeat this process the following night, if there are wasps remaining the next day. After a few days of there being no activity, you can remove the nest. Note that you should not attempt to remove a nest if you need a ladder to reach it. Nests that are high above ground or inside the house should be removed by a professional.

Contact us for Safe Wasp Removal

Removing wasps comes with the risk of getting stung. A couple stings might not be the end of the world but angering a nest may result in several dozens of stings, which can be very dangerous. The technicians at Exterminator Oakville have what it takes to get rid of wasps safely. No matter how difficult it is to reach the nest, we can handle it. We use powerful insecticides that get rid of wasps very quickly. Our treatments also help to prevent infestations for several months at a time, so you can enjoy the rest of your summer with no bugs at all. Call us today for a treatment that works for you.