Do I Notify Authorities When I Spot a Rat in a Restaurant

Do I Notify Authorities When I Spot a Rat in a Restaurant?

Spotting a rat in a restaurant can be quite unsettling. Rats are very destructive creatures and carry diseases that could make you and other restaurant-goers quite sick. It’s important that restaurants do everything they can to keep the pests out – not only for business, but because it’s the law. If you’ve spotted a rat in a restaurant, you should call the authorities, but be sure to call the right department. If you’re witnessing some rat activity in your home or place of work, call Rat Exterminator Oakville.

Rats are filthy, mischievous rodents that feed on just about anything. These animals enjoy fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, meat, feces, and even carrion. As rodents, rats have teeth that are very strong and that never stop growing. This means that they must chew constantly to file them down, and they’ll chew through practically anything. Rats often chew through plastic, metal, rubber, and wooden structures to get inside restaurants where there is lots of food to eat. Once inside, they like to nest in wall voids and warm, enclosed areas where they have easy access to food and water.

If you spot a rat in a restaurant, you should absolutely notify the public health authorities of your region. Rats spread dangerous diseases and cause food poisoning in those who eat the foods they have touched. They also open the door to other pests, like cockroaches, by defecating in the restaurant and tearing holes in the walls. In Canada, restaurants are regulated by provincial and municipal governments as well as regional health authorities to ensure that this does not happen. In Oakville, Halton Region’s Health department conducts regular inspections and receives complaints through its DineSafe program. You can notify Halton’s health department of the incident by calling 311 and an investigation will take place within 24 hours.

Restaurants must manage their pest problems if they want to stay open. To do so, they should adopt rigorous cleaning and maintenance programs that keep the rats out. All staff should be informed on the signs a rat infestation and be encouraged to notify management if they find any. Restaurants must be cleaned every day and their trash should be taken out every night to make the business less attractive to pests. Food should be stored in sealed containers and garbage cans should have tightly fitted lids. Any potential entry points, like cracks in the walls or gaps underneath the windows should be sealed shut so no pests can squeeze through. Finally, restaurants should control the exterior rat population by hiring a local pest control company.

Professional pest removers are trained and experienced in commercial rat control. They know how to tackle any rat problem and the tools they use are better than those you can buy in stores. Ongoing relationships between restaurants and pest removers are often necessary to keep the pests out for good. If you’re currently dealing with a rat problem yourself and need help, reach out to Exterminator Oakville. Our technicians perform thorough inspections and promise to send those pests packing. Call Exterminator Oakville today: 647-560-0354.