Do Essential Oils Really Work as Pest Control

Do Essential Oils Really Work as Pest Control?

In the industry of pest control, there are just as many remedies that work as repellents as there are treatment products. Essential oils are not useful in killing pests, but there may actually be benefits in the product’s ability to repel them. Many Canadians strive to find remedies to help against pest infestations; some remedies may offer temporary relief but consulting pest control professionals is always the best course of action to eliminate pests. Essential oils are oils that are derived from a variety of plants and then concentrated into oily compounds for therapeutic uses. Essential oils such as peppermint, lavender, and jasmine are also useful as pest repellents due to the strong and antagonistic reactions that these oils cause the central nervous system of insects. Pest control professionals frequently recommend essential oils to individuals undergoing bed bug invasions due to the repellent properties of the oils. To properly treat your problems, Pest control Oakville professionals use effective industry methods to counter the issues that you are having.

The most popular aspect of essential oils within the pest control industry is seen with bed bug infestations. By placing essential oils, specifically tea tree oil, in a pan which is then placed under the bed legs, bed bugs will typically avoid being exposed to the oils. Some individuals will also place the oils on the edges of the bed or even on the skin to avoid bed bug bites; however, this is not encouraged due to possible skin reactions with applying the oils to bare skin. The oils can also be diluted into a spray bottle with water to use as a contact spray to repel the bugs. It should be understood that essential oils will not kill bed bugs; at best, all you can hope to achieve is a repellent.

Essential oils can also be used to deter mosquitoes as well. Mosquitoes will typically avoid areas that are highly saturated with essential oils since the oils disrupt the equilibrium of the insects. Essential oils can also work wonders for keeping flea infestations on rugs and carpets away. By spraying the surfaces with the oils, fleas will avoid nesting in the cloth due to the powerful odor associated with the oils. Spearmint and peppermint oil have also been shown to repel ants away from areas that are covered in the oils. If using essential oils as a spray application, be sure and spray the oils all-around door frames, windows, as well as baseboards, and even into walls. The oils can also be applied to a variety of surfaces to repel pests.

Essential oils provide a great, all-natural method for repelling a large variety of insects. Although these oils will only work against pests within the insect family, the oils are a great alternative to use when awaiting a visit by a pest control professional. Essential oils will not kill insects, but the powerful aromas will cause insects to move as far away from the oils as possible. Essential oils provide a number of uses that go far beyond simply therapeutic purposes.