Differences between a giant wasp and Murder Hornet

Differences between a giant wasp and Murder Hornet

The giant wasp is not a different species. A giant wasp is a queen. They are about two inches long and are very, very scary looking. They are bright orange and they can certainly sting. However, even these enormous and dangerous insects are nothing compared to the Japanese Murder Hornet. The murder hornet can easily kill any wasp or hornet in North American and what’s more, while they are not aggressive towards mammals their sting can kill a full-grown human. 

The Asian or Japanese Giant Hornets have been recently discovered in North-America. It is strongly advised that, if stung, you seek medical attention immediately. If you suspect a hornet invasion contact Hornet Nest Removal Oakville

Now, these hornets have gotten some very serious negative attention in the media. After some study, most researchers are claiming the hornet has no interest in humans at all and would choose to avoid them. To get the hornet to attack a human they would have to approach and disturb the nest in the same way a paper wasp would ignore a human until attempts to touch the nest. The murder hornet is a very different type of wasp from the others. They do not hunt individual insects. They prefer to hunt on mass. Their favorite meal is a beehive. Not just the bees but the larva and the honey as well. The hornets can, in a small group, take out an entire beehive within a couple of hours. The bees are no contest for them, they die rapidly as the murder wasp stings them. Murder wasps are also dangerous in that they do not stay close to their nest. They travel for miles away from their home base to find beehives. When they find them they signal with pheromones to bring forth the entire nest. The bees never stood a chance. 

These hornets are not from North America, they are from Asia with the most dangerous species in Japan. In these Asian countries, there has been a million year-long battle between the murder hornets and the Asian bee population. The Asian bee learned and evolved to kill the murder hornet through a process of coating it with bees. The safe temperature difference between the bees and the wasp is two degrees, the bees can handle 2 degrees more heat than the hornet, and when they bury the hornet in bees the hornet overheats and dies. The process is shocking when seen on video. 

If you have a nest of Asian murder hornets on your property you should not try to exterminate them on your own and the normal wasp traps will not work. You will need to call the professionals at Wasp Control. We can kill the nest, remove it, and destroy it within one hour and give back to you your peace of mind.