Difference between urban rats and rural rats

Difference between urban rats and rural rats

Rural rats are very different from their city folk counterparts. Its much harder in rural areas to find food and shelter and warmth but somehow they do. Often they will make a nest in a naturally existing den, or dig a borough. They may also infest a barn and live on animal feed or manage to find a farmhouse where they can really get some good food and warmth. Rats in rural areas are also likely to travel very far for food on a daily basis compared to city rats.

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Rural rats are very territorial, even more so than city rats because food and shelter is so hard to find. Male rats are also very misogynist and will maintain a harem of female rats in his den and viciously prevent any other male from entering the den. They will happily kill any rat that ventures into their lair. 

If you see a rat during the day in either a rural or city setting its likely that they are an underdog and was effectively denied food by a stronger male rat. These rats are desperate enough to venture into daylight to find food and often don’t last long in rural environments because of the enormous amount of predators. Foxes, wolves, coyotes and more love to eat rats and are much faster than them, so rats in a rural location are far more watchful and aware of predators and much more likely to be affected by a repellent made of a predators urine. As they have encountered these predators before and know to fear them. 

Rats in the city have few to no predators and are rarely frightened of other animals, they are essentially the kings of their specific environment and even eat mice if they find them. Rats in the city are much better off with easier access to food and shelter and heat and safety from danger. Which is probably why rats flock to the cities in droves. They can practically smell it.