Can insects transmit coronavirus

Can insects transmit coronavirus

As the weather warms up people are likely to want to go outside. Outside where it’s warm and breezy. But most people are very unaware of the dangers lurking outside in the warmth. As winter ends, insects come out of hiding and become active again. Flies, mosquitoes, and more will begin doing their daily business.

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This can be a huge threat during a viral pandemic like COVID-19. The danger of infection will skyrocket. That is guaranteed. At the moment there is no specific information available on insect carriers. No medical work has been done to see how long covid-19 can last in a mosquito or can be transmitted by a fly or cockroach but considering the illnesses, all those insects already carry it can be assumed that covid-19 will be one of the many transmitted by insects.

Ticks can also be a threat in this situation as they function by direct blood to blood exchange with multiple animals, and humans are susceptible to their bites. If a tick bites one human with covid-19 and then is transferred to someone else there is a very good chance the virus could be transmitted in that fashion.

Flies are well known as disease carriers, they walk on the garbage and rotting meat and then deposit that and its feces onto your food. We don’t know if coronavirus can be transmitted in that fashion but it’s worth a look. 

Mosquitoes are like ticks but with the ability to fly from one person to another. They could drink the blood of a dozen people in just a few minutes and while it is unknown if they can transfer the virus they are able to transfer the west Nile virus, so that is something to think about.

Cockroaches and fleas could also be a major risk as both leave hundreds of illnesses in their wake, the flea can suck blood from multiple creatures and jump from one to another while the cockroach will simply drag the virus along with it and deposite it on your food. Again, we do not know if this can give you covid-19 but the risk is clear. Stay inside this summer.