Before you Use a Rat Trap Tips and Advice

Before You Use A Rat Trap: Tips and Advice

Getting rid of rats is easier said than done. Rats are skittish creatures that may be skeptical of the traps you placed around the house, and there may be too many of them for only a few traps to work. It’s important to use traps correctly if you want to get rid of these pests. If you’re having some trouble dealing with rats, reach out to Rat Exterminator Oakville for safe and effective rat removal.

The brown rat, or Norway rat, is the most common species of rat in Ontario. This rat measures somewhere between 15 and 28cm in length and has a tail that is nearly just as long. The brown rat has a shaggy brown fur coat, rounded snout, and beady black eyes. Because it is a rodent, the brown rat’s teeth never stop growing. This allows it to feed on tough foods and manipulate its environment by chewing on wood, metal, and other materials. As a burrower, the brown rat builds tunnels underground that it uses to nest and travel from one food source to the other.

Rat traps are excellent tools for rat control. When using traditional snap traps, keep in mind that these devices are powerful enough to break your finger. Use caution. For best results, use multiple traps at once. The rat infestation in your home may be much larger than you think, and the animals reproduce very quickly. Place these traps in areas of high traffic such as in dark corners or behind kitchen appliances. To bait the traps, use rat favourites like peanut butter, fruit, unsalted nuts, or raw meat. Because rats are very cautious creatures, you may also want to bait the traps without setting them for some time, so the animals learn to trust them.

While you set traps, it is recommended that you pest-proof your home to encourage the rats to consume the baits you placed. First, clean up the yard. Pick up any fruit that have fallen to the ground and use garbage cans with tightly fitted lids. Remove bird feeders and move plants away from the sides of the house. Then, check the structure of the home for any potential openings and seal them shut. Cap wall vents with steel mesh and put weatherstripping to the bottom of the garage door. Finally, reduce clutter inside the home and store food in sealed containers. Vacuum thoroughly.

The key to rat removal is persistence. Check your traps every day and don’t give up! Remember that professional rat removal services are available to you, too. Pest Control Oakville’s technicians are highly experienced in rat treatment and will know exactly how to solve your problem. Our crew members perform thorough inspections and offer quality rodent-proofing to keep the pests out for good. We also use rodenticides that are much more effective than those you can buy in stores. Call Pest Control Oakville today for guaranteed rodent removal: 647-560-0354.