Are cockroaches attracted to cardboard boxes

Are cockroaches attracted to cardboard boxes

Cockroaches are famous for being able to eat almost anything to survive. They can live on stains on carpets and grains of cracker, but they can also live on the paper and glue of carboard boxes. Glue is something a lot of people don’t know that roaches can eat. It is often made of animal or plant matter that is edible to the roach, though not for us. 

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Whats worse is these cardboard and paper products actually attract roaches to your home. If you have a lot of boxes, possibly a hoarder of boxes, or possibly you have a few decades of newspaper in your garage or collect stamps by the thousands, then you are at risk of roaches infesting your house and consuming those paper products and glues. 

Roaches also use cardboard boxes, especially full ones, to hide in. They often contain things roaches can chew through and eat like candy, chips and other food items you may store in boxes. They tend to find attics full of boxes the most appealing as they are usually left alone for long periods up there. 

The roaches existence centres on the search for water food and shelter. They will go anywhere to find food and are more than willing to subsist off your attic boxes or basement newspaper collection.

They are especially interested in wet cardboard, rotting wet cardboard especially. Its a source of water and food and is very easy for them to eat, they are also sustained by some of the things that may be growing on the cardboard. 

The best way to end this issue is to get rid of cardboard boxes and store everything in sealing plastic containers with lids. They will prevent the roach from accessing the content of the box and roaches can not feed on plastic.