Allergic reactions to wasp stings

Allergic reactions to wasp stings

The summer months bring with them mature wasp nests. And with mature wasp nests come wasp workers with nothing to do but find sweet things to eat and sting anyone or anything that gets in their way. They are aggressive and territorial and if you are within a hundred meters of a nest then you are not on your land, you’re on theirs. So take precautions like building homemade traps or buying them from a hardware store. If you find a nest destroy it or call someone who can remove it professionally. 

If you suspect wasp presence anywhere near or on your property, contact wasp removal Oakville for quick and safe removal.

The life cycle of the yellowjacket, the most common and aggressive wasp in North America, is annual. The wasp queen wakes from hibernation and finds a place to build a nest. For the first three weeks, she is on her own. When the new workers mature she begins to lay eggs only while the workers build the nest and feed and place the eggs. After the end of the summer, the queen will birth more queens and males that can mate with them. The old queen and every other wasp in the nest die off and the new queens leave to hibernate over the winter. 

If you are not allergic then you have nothing to worry about from a single sting. A bulbous red raised area of skin with a white dot and possibly a stinger are all you will get. It hurts bad but not for long. This is the response to one or two stings. A dozen stings or hundreds can put someone in the ER or even in the ground. To protect your family from wasps and call the professionals. 

Now that is called a small local reaction by the professionals. You don’t have to be allergic to get something called a large local reaction but it can be just as bad or worse than a small one. You can experience all kinds of painful symptoms that can be experienced but the stings will not be life-threatening. If you are allergic to wasp stings then one sting can kill you. The anaphylactic shock will set in and without an ambulance or an EpiPen, the victim will die. This is why you need to treat your wasp nest, early. Someone walking past your property may be allergic, if they get stung by a wasp on your property you will have to live with that death and the family may decide to seek damages. All of this and more is why you need to exterminate any waps on your property.