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Problems with mice occur year round, but are more common during the colder months and when mice make their way inside to find shelter.

Mice can make their way to homes all seasons. All they want is food, water and a little entry point. If the hole is large enough to fit a pen or pencil mice can use it to enter.

Mouse issues are somewhat more prevalent in older homes where it is more probably to have small entry points. They are mostly blind and follow a scent trail to get around. So if mice have made their way into a structure, they will make their way back in at some point if the entry points are left unsealed.

Aside from the health hazards that having mice can bring they can also cause damage. Mice can gnaw through cables, wood and other surfaces. They could spoil food and be the source of numerous contaminations.
Besides when meaning to eliminate mice issues about your home mice poison, snap traps also can be convenient. Snap mouse traps can be effective in killing mice however they are not as effective as professional chemical treatments. They also require you to remove the dead mouse when killed.

Our treatments are performed using safe bait stations that contain the mouse poison. The bait stations are placed on routes that mice usually take. Mice enter the bait station, consume the poison and then return to their nest where they die. The special chemical formulation of the poison allows for quick dehydration of the carcass so that there is no smell at all.

The most effective treatment is the professional treatment. Our mouse control specialists know how to perform an extermination effectively and safely. Call us if you have a mouse problem that needs professional attention. Call to book an inspection: 647-560-0992