Mice Removal from Basement

Mice are the most persistent pests that can take over your home, and considering the kind of diseases they are capable of spreading, one of the most dangerous too. Moreover, their ability to reproduce at an alarming rate means that the havoc they cause can increase manifold over time.

The basement is a favorite with mice when it comes to nesting, and the clutter as well as the fact that the human owners of the house seldom pay this area a visit, suit them just fine. The items in a basement provide them with ample hiding as well as nesting sites and both help their cause to a great extent. Of course, the privacy is a bonus!

The basement, unfortunately for us humans, is also the most difficult place to get mice out of. The main problem is the clutter. You usually have so many items stored here that getting them out to simply get rid of the mice seems like an impossible task. And then there’s the risk of a mouse jumping at you no matter what item you touch!

Now, even if you get all the clutter out and run a few mice control DIY techniques, there is always the chance that the mice have made entry and exit points in and out of the house already. So once you move the clutter, you may never find any mice, and once you move everything back in, they may return again!

Therefore, when it comes to mice control in the basement, the best option usually is to hire the services of a professional mice removal team. These teams are well aware of the ways of the rodent population and know just how to track them down and control them. From the initial inspection to cleaning up after, a good team will take care of every detail.