How to Eliminate Mice from Your Home

Mice are highly adaptive animals and can almost thrive anywhere under a variety of conditions. For them, living with humans are a perfect way to have an access to food and shelter. Mice are significant pests anywhere. They consume and contaminate food that are supposed to be eaten by humans, they damage properties, and they transmit diseases. For years, people have been devising different ways to eliminate mice. And common in all the solutions is to firstly recognize that your house mice infested. 

How would you determine a mouse infestation? Usually property owners become aware of mouse activity when they see mouse droppings. When a mouse explores a house, it usually deposit 50-75 pellets per day. Note that these droppings do not collect in piles, rather it forms a trail. Droppings are typically black in color and varies according to a mouse’s diet. Aside from these, a mouse typically build their nests near heat sources such as water heaters, ovens, and refrigerators. It is usually made from shredded papers and other fibrous materials. So always be on the lookout! Be aware of your surroundings in order to recognize mouse infestations immediately. 

After recognition, comes solutions. All mouse-eliminating solutions fall into three categories. They can either be solutions under sanitation, exclusion, and/or population reduction. 

  1. Proper sanitation are eliminating solutions that involve reducing the access of mice to shelter and food. To reduce available shelter, clean your house by removing debris and neatly stack things or woodpiles. Do this especially in areas near appliances that run constantly because they provide heat for mice. Do not put materials at least 8 inches off the ground or at least 1 foot away from the wall. To reduce food availability, secure your food in tight-fitting containers that can’t be chewed off by a mouse. Also, always clean spills, crumbles, and other food waste immediately.
  2. Exclusion adhering to mouse-proof construction when you build or repair your houses. This will eliminate mice by not creating openings that are ¼ inch or larger. Gaps are also recommended to be secured with a sealant or mortar to reduce airflow. For larger openings, secure it with copper woven-wires and for super large openings, cover it with metal so that mice can’t chew through it. 
  3. Population reduction are solutions that involve creating traps, using rodenticides, and other ways to kill mice. These solutions take direct hit to the population mice, actively decreasing their population. The use of population reduction methods are dangerous and sometimes, can take a stab against the person administering it. 

The above classifications to eliminate mouse are sure-proof methods that people have used time and time again. The first two are prevention methods, while the third one is killing. The first two can be a part of any person’s routine when cleaning the household. However, the third one comes with a risk. In administering the killing method, it is better to call for professional mice exterminator Oakville help because it usually involves toxic materials, and the materials that are hazardous to mice are also is to humans. But experts know how to handle these materials carefully. So remember to call for help!


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