Does Replacing Your Mattress Get Rid of Bed Bugs?

Does Replacing Your Mattress Get Rid of Bed Bugs?

For individuals who have never experienced the trauma of a bed bug infestation, this experience can often feel like a life-altering event. Immediately jumping online to research the bugs can produce an actual psychological ailment known as “formication,”–a sensation that produces hallucinations that bugs are crawling all over your skin; the scary part of this disorder is the fact that many people report still having formication years after an infestation cleared. Bed bugs are a psychological nightmare and the experience will not soon be forgotten. But there are certain conclusions and impulses that you should definitely not jump to. Many people who discover an infestation will panic and immediately start throwing out furniture in the hope that this will cure the problem. Professional pest control services in Oakville can help you treat bed bugs.

This behavior actually makes the infestation worse. Bed bugs will typically infest many structures within a home and even if the bugs were only contained in the discarded mattress, for example, there will be some bed bugs that fall off the mattress during the moving process. To ensure bed bug elimination, you must destroy every single bug, and a pest control professional is the only sure way to achieve this in Canada.

Panic is a natural response to discovering bed bugs. The sheer thought of bugs crawling on you while you sleep and extracting your blood is traumatic. But staying as calm as possible and consulting a bed bug specialist is the best response to take. Throwing out an infested mattress will also spread the bugs to other people and possibly other units; thereby ensuring that a regional infestation persists in a given area. On top of this, the bugs are likely also inside of the bedroom dresser, any wooden structures inside of a bedroom, electronics near the bed, drapes, behind pictures on the walls, and likely underneath the baseboards and behind the walls. Simply throwing out an infested mattress doesn’t mean that the problem is solved. The bugs may also be in the living room as a result of being spread throughout the rest of your home by clinging to your clothes.

In fact, many pest control professionals will immediately tell sufferers not to throw out a single thing. This just spreads the bugs to other parts of the house–which may have been clear before, therefore, making the infestation much harder to fight. Allow a pest control professional to inspect and treat everything.

Throwing away a bed bug-infested mattress likely will not solve a bed bug infestation. There are too many unknown variables in the situation to ensure that only the mattress was infested. Consult a pest control professional for tips on how to prepare your home and your items for bed bug treatment. Although throwing out a mattress is likely just an impulse and urge that is hard to overcome, leave everything in place and allow a specialist to give you further instructions. Do not spread the bugs to other people or more areas inside.