Can You Fumigate for Mice?

Can You Fumigate for Mice?

A mouse is a small, slender rodent that is considered to be troublesome for households worldwide. In Canada, the prolonged hot and dry summer weather especially pushes mice to burrow themselves inside peoples’ houses to cool off. And when this happens, there is nothing that will stop a mouse in entering your house. 

So how do you prevent mice from entering your houses? Or if they have already burrowed inside, what can you do to mitigate the problem? There are many ways to deal with pests, some of them involve thoroughly checking your place, denying the pest from entering your homes, and regularly setting-up traps or other household solutions to catch pests. However, the simple solution is to call for professional help. Professional pest exterminators don’t only have the experience and knowledge in dealing with these kinds of issues, they also have the proper equipment to carry out effective solutions. One of the most effective solutions that these exterminators do is fumigation. 

Yes, you can fumigate for mice, but there is a special way of doing it. Fumigation is a way to exterminate mice in contained structures or containers through the use of fumigants or toxic gases. Fumigants are hazardous materials and can only be applied by experts, people who are trained to use the said substance with the necessary equipment. Although mice fumigation is only practical and cost-effective in a limited number of situations, it is highly-effective and can kill a good number of mice in your house. 

So why would you fumigate for mice? Mice are dangerous pests. They do not only contaminate the food that you and family eat, they also bring deadly diseases and destroy house structures. Add this to the fact that mice are excellent breeders. One female mouse can give birth to 25-60 mice in just one year. Imagine how many mice can live in your house in just a  span of several years! So, fumigation is a strategic way to cut down the population of mice in your house. If extremely successful, fumigation can lead to the full extermination of these pests. 

An advantage of fumigation is that it totally kills of mice, it doesn’t only incapacitate them. It also has a wider reach to kill them. Because it involves toxic gases, fumigation for mice can also kill other pests inside your houses. 

There are many ways to get rid of mice other than fumigation. However, these solutions often take a long time to do and don’t guarantee that a number of mice will be killed. So always stay one step ahead of these pests. Call for professional exterminator Oakville help and let them assess your house, and if fumigation is recommended, say yes immediately. 


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