What do Bed Bug Bites Look Like


Everyone longs for a good night’s sleep especially when we are tired after a long day at work. But there are just these moments when we are woken up in the morning by itchy, red patches on our skin. Then you start wondering where from what you got bitten. Well it might be that bed bugs are lurking in your bedroom. And if you want to confirm that you do have a bed bug infestation, you will need to identify if you have bites or other signs. You need to identify the bites and find other signs before you can proceed with the bed bug extermination. (more…)

How to Identify a Carpenter Ant Nest


Carpenter ants can be terrible pests when they appear in your home. Although they are not aggressive insects, carpenter ants are known to give a painful bite. If your home is at risk for an infestation, you need to take preventive measures to make sure that you stop the ants from making your home theirs and to avoid expensive repair costs later on. The first step to carpenter ant control is knowing how to identify a carpenter ant colony.  (more…)

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