Mice Removal from Basement

Mice are the most persistent pests that can take over your home, and considering the kind of diseases they are capable of spreading, one of the most dangerous too. Moreover, their ability to reproduce at an alarming rate means that the havoc they cause can increase manifold over time. (more…)

How to Get Rid of Mice Infestation

If you’re up against a mice infestation, we are sure you are thinking of every possible way to get rid of these whiskery rodents as soon as possible, and that’s how it should be too, considering the risks involved.

If you think the infestation is a minor one, there are several DIY techniques that could be tried out to get rid of the mice that have taken over your household. (more…)

How to Pick A Good Bed bug Control Company

When it comes to Bed bug control, it is often a wise decision to hire the services of a Bed bug control company, instead of trying to find solutions yourself. There are several reasons for this.

Firstly, it is extremely difficult for non-professionals to track down every place that is infested with bedbugs, and when it comes to these parasites, leaving behind even a few means you would be setting up the stage for a repeat infestation. (more…)

Best Tips for Dealing With Mice


If you’ve just found out there are mice in your home or office-either by hearing their squeaky noises or by noticing their droppings-you must be wondering what you can do to deal with this problem. And indeed, mice are a big problem, small as they may be. The good news is that there are things you can do to get rid of mice, and even make sure they never come back. (more…)

Cockroaches and Health Problems

bed bug bites

Can cause cockroaches health problems? Yes! Cockroaches can cause many health problems. These creatures can spread 33 types of bacteria, 6 parasitic worms and 7 other kinds of human pathogens. Cockroach allergens are a serious risk to children and elderly adults who are asthmatic patients.

Cockroaches will eat anything including spoiled food and feces. They ingest bacteria which can survive in their digestive system for months and even years. This bacteria is passed to humans when cockroaches vomit and defecate on food which is consumed by humans. Since cockroaches only appear at night, they are not easily spotted. This means a home could have an infestation and not know it could lead to serious problems. Call cockroach control if you see them at your home.  (more…)

How To Take Under Control Ants in Your Kitchen


Ants are quite small insects but they can prove to be annoying when they invade our kitchens in search of greasy or sweet foods. Most of us think that keeping the kitchen tidy and clean is enough to keep ants away. This is not the case. Even the tiniest drop of ketchup is enough to gather a huge family of ants.
So how do we ant control in our kitchen? The best way to go around the ants problem is by preventing them from ever considering your kitchen or home as an easy target. This is done by using quite a number of preventive and active measures. (more…)